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About TC3


is more than a choir! Bringing together young people ages 7 to 17 from across the Greater Toronto Area, TC3’s mission is to promote, develop and encourage youth through inspirational song, dance and Afro-Caribbean drumming.

The focus is always on establishing excellence, holistic development and first-rate performance.

TC3 provides a culturally-rich musical arts program that ranges from Spirituals to hip hop. Our positive environment nurtures a sense of extended family and community for our young people.

Throughout COVID, HopeWorks continued to operate programs  virtually throughout lockdown periods. TC3 looks forward to restarting in-person practices and returning to live shows! All program staff, volunteers and participants must participate in HopeWorks COVID safety practices and  protocols.

With the return of a new normal, we expect audition spots to fill very quickly.


Talent in the Performing Arts

Desire to Perform

Positive Attitude


Willingness to Travel

Desire To Touch Lives


  1. 1
    Choir and Vocal Music Development
  2. 2
    Afro-Caribbean Drumming
  3. 3
    Cultural, Contemporary & Urban Dance
  4. 4
    Access to 150 Voices Virtual Program
  5. 5
    Math & Literacy Tutorial Programs
  6. 6
    Personal Development
  7. 7
    Boom! - Youth Performing Arts Conference
  8. 8
    Community Service Learning Projects
  9. 9
    National & International Tours

Audition Process

TC3’s auditions will be conducted via Zoom.  

While parents/guardians are welcome to supervise, we kindly ask them to allow their child and/or youth to sing, speak freely and answer questions by themselves with no coaching. Prospective members must be on camera for the audition.

All of our staff and volunteer Adjudicators have been screened, trained in online child  safety processes and are looking forward to meeting prospective members.

The 15 minute audition process is as follows:

  1. 1
    Introduction of Adjudicators
  2. 2
    Self Introduction - Child/Youth Participant
  3. 3
    One song selection of participant’s choice
  4. 4
    Vocal pitch and ear test
  5. 5
    Short Interview
  6. 6
    Parent/Guardian Touchbase (if applicable)

Song Selections Guidelines

  • 1 minute (max) song
  • While singing is encouraged, rap is allowed
  • Keep it positive! - No cursing, sexually explicit lyrics, etc.
  • Song may be acapella or with musical accompaniment

Prospective members and parents will hear back within 24 - 48hrs regarding audition results.

TC3 Program Fees are $600.00 per year and can be paid in full or on a payment plan.
Applications for Subsidy are available upon request.