The Toronto Children's Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company

Our Programs

We passionately believe in the potential of youth and in the power of the arts to connect and engage all ages in building healthy, loving communities. We believe it starts with inner transformation. Through our programs young people of TC3 are nurtured to not only excel at program they undertake but to be a positive influence among their peers.

Through all aspects of participation they are encouraged and mentored to develop their confidence, compassion, leadership abilities and performing arts skills.

Once accepted into the choir TC3 members are encourage to get involved with some of the other programs.  All the below programs are covered by the basic fee.

  • African Drumming
  • Modern and Jazz Dance
  • Hip Hop/Step and Step Dance
  • African and Caribbean Dance
Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.
~Maya Angelou, Gather Together in My Name

Each season, dependent on funding and partnerships, the HopeWorks Connection offers TC3 members a variety of youth development seminars, retreats and youth service learning projects.

For example, Raising Youth To Serve and Empower (R.Y.S.E.), is a 12-week service-learning mentorship program for girls initiated by then an intern, Audra Gray to help develop teenage girls to work with and mentor younger girls. Established in 2009 R.Y.S.E., participants are inspired toward building positive self-esteem in themselves and each other. Each week there are different learning objective and activities geared at supporting the girls as they work together to learn more about themselves and come to understand what gifts they have to offer their community. R.Y.S.E. is generally offered on a bi-annually basis.

Youth development seminars can include activities centered around health, wellness, resiliency and making positive choices.

Retreats focus on artistic performance, team-building and social skills development in a fun-filled, natural setting.

Service-learning projects are geared at offering youth the opportunity to blend meaningful community service with reflection in order to strengthen their learning experience, expand responsibilities and contribute to their community.

Keep an eye on our website to see what opportunities are available this season.