The Toronto Children's Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company

Why Join Toronto Children’s Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company?

Through TC3 your child or young person will have access to a broad scope of programs and experiences in the performing arts. TC3 provides vocal instruction in a diverse musical repertoire from gospel to pop. The choir also provides the opportunity to learn African and Caribbean dance and drum as well as contemporary dance forms such as modern dance, hip hop and step. Members of TC3 also perform in a range of venues both in Toronto and internationally.

Since TC3 is determined to meet the whole need of each chorister, we do not separate academics from musical training. At all our Saturday rehearsals a designated time is set aside for homework completion and two tutoring sessions, one in Math the other in English are offered.

TC3 offers a unique and valuable opportunity for youth to develop themselves, make positive friends, strive for excellence and interact in our global, multi-cultural society. The opportunities that TC3 provides are more than just fun, they are an investment in each young person’s potential and promote self-discipline, confidence and teamwork.