The Toronto Children's Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company

Our Academic Tutorials

Along with their participation in the development of their performing arts talents that help build self-esteem and self-discipline, TC3’s youth are encouraged and supported in their quest for academic excellence.  TC3 provides a supervised homework hour that all young people must participate in before choir rehearsal.  During that period we offer our innovative Music & Math and Literacy in Motion tutoring sessions.  Our yearly Making The Mark event also supports and encourages TC3 members to excel academically.

What is Music & Math?

Our program started at the time Ontario changed the Grade 9 curriculum.  We noticed several TC3 members falling through the cracks and our first volunteer, one of the TC3 Dad’s stepped up to the plate to help:  “Both music and math function from the same side of the brain and since our kids are so talented in music, there is no reason for them not to excel in math.”  Soon, other adults stepped up to help and our first tutorial program was born.

  • Led by a team of qualified volunteers who support the academic development of TC3 youth through tutoring them in math and providing general homework help.
  • Geared to serve grades 2 through 12
  • Aimed at assisting and supporting TC3 members in shoring up the academic math skills necessary to thrive within the educational system. 

Literacy in Motion is aimed at assisting and supporting specific TC3 youth, grades 2 through 8, in the areas of reading and writing. Each participant is evaluated individually and then a program is designed specifically targeting their need. We provide one on one tutoring for 45 minutes alongside of Music & Math.

Making The Mark is an annual daylong conference, hosted by The HopeWorks Connection, to motivate and encourage youth academically. Learn More